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I never got this one off the ground. Eh

paintchipsforpyromancers said: Yisss you're on Tumblr. This pleases me (^o^)

Here I am! My tumblr just turned 2!

mrmisteretsimrm said: Awesome blog, brilliant variations in your art/craft.

Why thank you. I sometimes think I have yet to find my voice. And then sometimes think I may just have a lot of voices… You know…like Sybil

Jesse Boy

Botanically, I am inspired by poppies a lot.
In men, Bill & Daniel are very inspirational as well. 
Tiago II

Cuz he’s pretty.
ThievesWe stole glances, kisses, and our own hearts, shuffling them under cupped hands and daring one another to guess where it was hidden. We were thick and saturated for a moment, there, in each other’s arms.